WordPress Common Errors / Problems and there Solutions

WordPress Common Errors / Problems and there Solutions – Among the  fastest method of finding the reason for the issue is to, first, let the debug mode by putting placing these to the “wp-config.php” file:

define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);
define(‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true);
define(‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false);

This could allow us to in pin-pointing the exact problem. NOTE : Don’t forget to turn debugging off after you have solved the error. 

Here is a list of the very most Common WordPress Problems / Errors together with there Causes and Solutions :

Referred to as “White Screen of Death”, it is among the most typical WordPress errors. Within this error you will notice an empty white-colored screen whenever you open your website URL.



There might be a lot of reasons for that White-colored screen of dying error, the most typical being wordpress plugin/theme incompatibility.

Others could be  “PHP memory limit exceeded” or “cache size exceeded”


If you can to gain access to the WordPress-admin panel area, then begin by deactivating all of your plugins.

– If the white-colored screen error is solved, try activating the plugins individually after activating each wordpress plugin see if the website is working correctly or otherwise so when you discover the wordpress plugin, after activating which in turn causes the white-colored screen or Blank screen error to happen, deactivate that wordpress plugin.

– If after deactivating all of the plugins the white-colored screen error still remains, visit the WordPress admin area and activate the default “Twenty Twelve” theme, and appearance when the white-colored screen error is solved.

If you are NOT able to access the WP-admin panel area.

– Connect to the “wp-content” folder via FTP (using softwares like “FileZilla” etc), and relabel the folder “plugins” (e.g to “plugins-old”, “plugins2”  etc). This can deactivate all of the plugins in your WordPress install.

– If the fixes the mistake, make a brand new folder named “plugins” and duplicate all of the plugins in the old folder (using the altered name) for this folder one at a time and examining the site for that error after adding each wordpress plugin.

– If the initial step didn’t solve the mistake then relabel the “themes” folder, this can deactivate your present theme and hang “Twenty Twelve” (based on your WordPress install it may be “twenty thirteen”) as the current theme.




The most typical cause is really a corrupt “.htaccess” file.

Other causes : Conflict between plugins/styles, PHP memory limit or perhaps a corrupt WordPress installation.


– Using FTP clients like FileZilla etc navigate to the WordPress install folder and find the “.htaccess” file and rename it (e.g. “.htaccess_old” or “.htaccess2” etc).

– When the error is solved then the issue is your “.htaccess” file.

– You can produce a new “.htaccess” file  by navigating to Settings–>Permalinks out of your WordPress-admin panel and saving the settings.



– The most typical cause could be inside the “wp-config.php” file.

– Another might be because of problems in the hosting company finish, particularly if you’re on the shared web hosting plan.


– Open the “wp-config.php” file using FTP.

– Check the following details are filled correctly :

  1. Database name,
  2. Database username
  3. Database password and
  4. Database host


– Chiefly brought on by excess/unrequired spaces or excess spaces between your tags.


– Open the file that might be pointed out within the error message, and take away all of the extra spaces in the file.

– Make certain the very first figures within the file are “

wp_set_password(‘new_password_here’, 1);

The amount ‘1’ matches the Admin user in WordPress.

Then upload back the altered “wp-config” file and login while using new password.

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