How to fix another update in WordPress

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Are you getting “Another update currently in process” error on your WordPress site? Why does it show? This error stops you from working and updating in WordPress. It should automatically go. But if it doesn’t, then how to fix this error? Here we are to help you. In this article, we will discuss how to set Another update currently in process error in WordPress.

Why are we getting ‘Another Update currently in Process’ Error?

When a first WordPress update is running in the background, and a user tries to start another update process. Then in a primary update, WordPress automatically sets an update lock in the database, and this update lock option prevents you from running more than one updates on your website.

How to fix another update in WordPress

This error fixes automatically disappear in 15 minutes or when the update will finish. But if you can’t wait, then you can reset it manually.

Here are the steps of how to fix ‘Another update currently in process’ error in WordPress.

There are two methods to fix this error. We will discuss both one by one.

Solve Another Update currently in Process

Method 1: Fix Error Using a Plugin

The first thing you need to do is install and activate the fix another update in progress plugin.

After activation, go to Settings » Fix Another Update In Progress.

If updates on your website are locked, then you get a message with a button. Click on the button and fix it.

The plugin will then delete the WordPress main update lock from your database, and you will get a message shown in below image:

Now your WordPress site is ready to use.

Method 2: Fix error manually

In this process, you have to use phpMyAdmin to straight run a query in your WordPress database.

Now, visit the cPanel dashboard of WordPress hosting account. Go to database>> phpMyAdmin icon.

Now in phpMyAdmin select your WordPress database. It will show you different tables inside WordPress database. Now click on the Browse button which is next to the WordPress options table (wp_options).

After selecting Browse button, it will show you all the rows inside the options table. Find the ‘core_updater.lock.’ row and click on the delete button.

How to fix another update in WordPress

Now you can go to your WordPress website and update it.

We expect this article may help you fix ‘Another update in process’ error on your WordPress site.

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